*Double points for the rest of January! As a little new year treat we are gifting you angels with double points on your purchases! Meaning you will receive 20 DMZ points per £1 instead of 10 points! Happy Shopping xo*


Earn more DMZ points for different actions, and turn those DMZ points into rewards! *rewards area can be found on the bottom right corner*


Point System:

500 DMZ Points = £5 voucher

1000 DMZ Points = £10 voucher

2000 DMZ Points = £20 voucher


How do I earn points?

  • 250 DMZ points when you sign up. You can earn 250 points just for signing up to an account.
  • 500 DMZ points to celebrate your birthday. Your account will automatically be applied with 500 points when its your birthday.
  • 10 DMZ points per £1. Any time you make a purchase you will receive 10 points per £1 spent.
  • 50 DMZ points when you follow our Instagram. You will receive 50 points when you follow the link in the rewards area and follow us on Instagram.
  • 50 DMZ points when you like our Facebook page. You will receive 50 points when you follow the link in the rewards area and like our Facebook page.


Referring A Friend:

In the rewards area you will find a unique link that an be shared with your friends. If someone bought a product through this link both you and your friend would receive a £5 off voucher sent via email. This can be used at checkout. 


How can I redeem my points?

Once you have received enough DMZ points to redeem a reward you can select the reward amount and an email will be sent to you with a code on. The code can be applied at checkout and the voucher amount will be deducted from your total.