Captions 101: Pink edition

Captions 101: Pink edition
Hey angels! We've got another installment of our Instagram caption guide to help you step up your insta game. It can be such a struggle to try and find that perfect caption for all your posts so we are here to help. This week we have our personal favourite colour PINK💗. If these captions aren't for you and you're still wanting more caption inspo that's not a problem! Head over to our TikTok page (OfficialDressmezee (@officialdressmezee) TikTok | Watch OfficialDressmezee's Newest TikTok Videos) where you can find our Instagram  caption series and plenty more amazing content!  
"Pink to make my ex wink"
"Pinking of you"
"On Wednesday's we wear pink" 
"Pretty in pink"
"Pink is a lifestyle💅"
"Pink is my new obsession" 
"Pink is always a mood"
"Pink all the way" 
"I don't think I'll ever get tired of wearing pink" 
"When in doubt think pink"
"Theres nothing a little pink can't fix"