Nine Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Nine Valentine’s Day Date Ideas
The 14th February can be a slightly daunting time for a lot of us, trying to find something to do that fits the high expectations for this day so with valentine’s day just around one week away we thought we’d provide some date ideas. It’s always hard to find the perfect way to spend the day, but don't forget Valentines’ Day is just a day to spend time with people you love. So as long your day is filled with spending time with someone you love or just doing something you love you’re doing it right.
Mate dates
One of the best ways to spend V-day, in my opinion, is to spend it with your gals. One of our favourite ways to spend time with your girls is to hold a cocktail night. Invite round your girls and take turns making your own signature cocktail. To add a little something extra to the evening, vote for the best and worst drinks of the night. Just because you’re staying in the house doesn’t mean you have to spend the night in joggers, use your cocktail night as an excuse to get extra dressed up and get some pics.
I think we may have discovered the perfect galantines day activity BYOB painting class. Bring your nearest and dearest, a bottle of wine, grab your paint brushes and have fun. You’ll be led through your class by an instructor and get to sip away while you create your art, what’s not to love!
If these activities aren’t really your vibe you can always go for the classic girly day out, go for a bottomless brunch. We can’t think of a better way to spend your galantines than having a boozy brunch with your girls. We’d recommend getting extra dressed up and having a laugh with your gang. If you’re struggling for outfit choices try our Stupid Cupid collection to find the perfect V-Day dress.
Date yourself
This year V-Day falls on a Monday which could kind of get in the way of making plans for some of us, but this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t celebrate. Here are our best solo date night ideas. Do something you’ve been wanting to do. We all have things that we’ve been wanting to try and get it done but end up being put off for many reasons. Use this special occasion as an excuse to get it done. Weather it’s a class you’ve been wanting to try, a movie you want to watch or a restaurant you’ve been wanting to try just get it done and spend the night celebrating yourself. Like I said as long as you’re doing something you love you’re doing V-Day the right way.
On the other hand, if you’re not fancying doing too much on Valentine’s Day you can aways just spend the night in and have a chill evening. TBH I couldn’t think of any other way of spending my night than getting into bed early and having an online shop. Following on from our previous date idea, buy something you’ve been wanting. It is a special occasion at the end of the day, so why not treat yourself.
Dates for couples
For all you lucky gals spending Valentines with a date, here are our top picks for date night ideas. Valentines date nights for couples don’t always have to mean expensive food accompanied by even more expensive cocktails its always fun to try something new. A great way to spend your night this year is an activity-based date, my personal fave is a mini golf date. This is such a fun way to spend your night with your date, especially for first dates. Plus, you can always get glammed up for a round a mini golf and grab a cocktail after.
If an evening date isn’t your vibe, then try celebrating the day before which falls on a Sunday this year. Spend your Sunday taking a stroll around your local area. Get a coffee or browse a market, this a perfect way to get to know a new date or just spend some quality time with your significant other. This is also a great opportunity to explore your local area and try out some new places all while celebrating V-Day.
If your idea of a fun date night is just chilling with your partner, try having a pamper night. There’s no reason celebrating Valentine’s has to involve getting dressed up and going out, for a lots of us the perfect night is just staying in your house. Grab yourself some face masks, a bottle of wine, order in your very favourite food and that sounds like the ideal night to me.